Wyze Thermostat - lock min and max temp

I have a vacation rental and I would like to be able to lock in minimum and maximum temperature so that the tenants don’t just come in and crank up the heat to maximum or AC to sub zero temperatures

Did anyone answer this question?

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Min cooling (& max heating) temperature to prevent AC unit from freezing up

This happened today at my short term rental: guests upon arrival used my Wyze Thermostat on the wall to lower the AC to 65º. We’re on the Gulf Coast, so, as you can imagine, the unit froze up and no longer cooled. We got a call from guests, had to pay an AC guy to come out and make sure there was no refrigerant leak. Sure enough, no leak, pointing the finger at our overzealously cooling guests.

Please add a feature that allows me to set a minimum temperature to cool to, below which the AC can’t be set, and vice versa for heating. My only current alternative is to completely lock them out of the thermostat, and have the guest contact us to change the temperature, most definitely non-ideal.



Agree with you! Added a vote.

Was looking in the T-stat settings for a way to get a notification if temp exceeded a user specified High\Low threshold, so you can reset the T-stat from your app and lock it, but could only find one for the Safety Temp, which has a range far outside what would be needed here.

I have the Wyze Climate Sensors, which will send notifications of user defined temp thresholds. BUT… This requires the Sense Hub and that has been problematic in ordering from Wyze as a standalone unit without the HMS and bundled sensors.

I also have the Remote Sensor, which is integrated into the T-stat and doesn’t have notification capability either.

Tried to set a rule in Wyze App… T-stat Temp Trigger doesn’t exist. Alexa and Google Home Triggers are also absent, so no notifications from these.


Just caught guests setting the thermostat low again – to 65º after we asked them to only go as low as 72º! :rage: We are having to keep an eye on it and changing it remotely until they get the message.


Max Temp setting request

I’d like to request the ability to limit the max temperature someone can set from the physical unit. The max temp would be a setting in the wyze app. Someone at the thermostat could dial up or down, but not go above the max temperature. Thanks for considering.

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Thermostat - how to prevent others from exceeding setpoint?

Setting to prevent my wife from turning the stat up above a setpoint because she thinks the heater will heat faster.

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Really need this feature. Just had another Airbnb guest drop the setting to below 70° and froze the unit up. Now, because of their actions, I’m probably going to get a bad review or have some kind of issue! :rage:

Please implement or give me an SDK so I can develop it myself!


I have 11 rentals and I would buy a Wyze thermostat for every single one of them if this feature was added. I have this feature in the Emerson Sensi thermostats that I have in my Myrtle Beach units where tenants ran up 1300kWh in usage in a month in a 3BR 1360SF condo. Our 5BR 4400SF home didn’t use that much and we have an EV that accounts for 1/3 of our total usage. Until then I’m slowly replacing the thermostats at $150 each with the Emersons.

It is baffling to me why Wyze has implemented safety temperatures (heat setpoint that it can’t go below and a/c setpoint that it can’t go above), but NOT the other end of the very same set of limits. Yes, I don’t want my tenants to leave the property with the A/C set at 100 in the summer due to humidity and that the next tenant would not like to walk into a hot and steamy unit. Nor do I want to have to worry about them setting it at 40 degrees in the winter and having pipes freeze.

Yes, other manufacturers don’t have all of these features either, but it is just software. Wyze could be absolutely crushing the feature set of Nest, Ecobee, and Emerson overnight.


I agree. I want to be able to set the min and max temps that can be dialed in at the thermostats. Why can we do this as an admin?


Have been fiddling with some rules for the Thermostat. Does require the Sense Hub with Climate Sensors… But it is possible:

Built a rule that uses the Climate Sensor Temp (trigger), if Temp is below X°, Thermostat set mode to Off (action).

So, hiding the climate sensor in the house, if the temp dips too low, the AC unit powers off @ the thermostat (off mode) and the climate sensor sends a notification to my phone. I can then take whatever action is needed by resetting the thermostat to the proper temp and state and lock it.

Sure, there are ways to work around things with rules, but I don’t want to have to take manual action.

Understood. Not the best case scenario. Just providing viable options. Right now it’s (1) wait it out, (2) replacement.

You might not get a good review, but once the AC shut off several times on them, they might get the hint that the instructions you left for them were true:

“Please do not set the Thermostat below 68°. If you do, it will automatically shut off and will cease to operate. There will be an additional $100 service fee for resetting the Thermostat. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

Question, in the App there is the Lock Thermostat menu which implies the app must be used to control the T-Stat. I have not tried this, but would it do what is expected? Basically, toggle that on and then no one can change the T-Stat temp without using the App.

I realize this would stop anyone from changing the Temp at all, but it could be an option.

Just curious

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Yeah, it locks the user at the T-stat head out. They can scroll thru and see the pages on the screen, but if they try to change anything it reminds them that it is locked.

In the case of most posters asking for temp range locks, the T-stats are in rental units where they still want to afford the Tennant some range flexibility freedom without offering full free range.

EDIT: I just had a flashback memory of my Dad going ballistic when one of us kids turned the thermostat down too low :cold_face: or up to high :hot_face:. Hi\Low limit locks would be a welcome addition in those situations too.


That is what I figured.


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This is exactly the case with us landlords. I have long-term rentals where the tenants pay for the utilities and I don’t worry about them as they have no interest in trying to get the temperature to 60F when it is 100F outside because they don’t want a $300+ electricity bill.

In my short-term rentals, where I pay for the utilities, I have seen the thermostat set to 50F. Residential air conditioners simply cannot keep up with that type of request. I don’t think that people are trying to be malicious, it’s just that for some reason most people think that if you turn the thermostat way further than the temperature you want it will get to that temperature faster, then they forget about it, and are then later turning up the thermostat or opening windows to balance the temp leading to a vicious cycle.

Most residential central air units can only provide a 20-25F difference between outside and inside temperature. So turning the temp to 50F lower than the outside temp, the unit will never shutoff which can lead to freeze-up of the coils, complete loss of cooling, and equipment damage.

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Really!! need this feature for the above reasons. Airbnb guest turning AC too low causes all kinds of problems. Hate to have to buy another thermostat that can do this but it looks like I will have to. Too much risk in losses of $ and HVAC equipment.


Make sure sure you click on the vote button to get this feature prioritized for development.

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