Thermostat settings

Wondering if anyone knows the minimum temperature setting for the thermostat. Plan to use in northern garage setting where I want to keep the garage as close to 40 degrees F as possible.

The lowest it will go is 50 degrees… currently

On that note, does the Wyze thermostat have a setting in the app for lowest that the thermostat can be set when cooling and highest when heating? Some smart thermostats support this feature as it is great for Short Term Rental properties. Some guests like to set thermostat on 60 degrees when it is 90+ outside and air conditioner never stops running and can freeze up. So looking to see if there is a way to set limits.

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Will the Wyze Thermostat be able to control a Humidifier? I have an Ecobee and have just received the email and the video’s seems promising. I am especially interested in the remote sensors as they appear to provide the temp and humidity on them where the Ecobee remote sensors do not.