Schedule thermostat below 50°?

I just got my thermostat!
It’s installed in my shop/garage that I want to turn off at night, heat to 45 during the day, and then if I pop in, I will adjust up as needed.

I can’t seem to figure out how to turn it off completely at night in the schedules and I can’t figure out how to keep it at 40.

I did see that I can set my safety temp to 40, but that would mean that I just always leave my thermostat to off, and it’s not the temp I want.

Really my ideal schedule which doesn’t seem possible:

12-5am: off
5-7: 60
7am-3pm: 40
3-6: 60
6-12: off

Can anyone help?? I’m thinking that this was perhaps not designed to heat accessory buildings in cold climates…

Thank you!

I don’t see a current way to do this. It would be easy to extend the set point down to 40 degrees and to add a temp preference to shut off system, then use these in scheduling, but not currently possible as far as I can see.

Yeah it seems like a “simple” thing for Wyze to do, but I guess it’s not possible today…

I guess I’ll just leave the unit off and have the low temperature threshold kick in

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Thanks. I didn’t see that someone else wanted it already

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Yes, I would also love to see a garage mode. Please make this happen