Wyze thermostat lower temp limits?

Installed my Wyze thermostat in my garage today to use with my 60k BTU forced air gas garage heater, and works well…

I want to keep my garage around 40f degrees in the winter… but the lowest I can set the temp is 50f?

I really don’t need my garage at 50f, but I also don’t want to turn the thermostat off either and gave it get below freezing either overnight.

Anyway to set the low temp limit lower than 50f? Any other ideas? I understand the limit for inside the home, as that’s likely its main use… but I would think it should at least allow the option to go below 50f if needed.

Set your thermostat to off. Then go into advanced features and set your min safety temperature to 40.

I just installed my Wyze tstat and I have the same thing in my shop although I’m using a forced air home furnace, I checked advanced settings and already set on 40. So we’ll see what happens
Thanks for the assistance

Thanks, did that and it helps but not ideal. When the safety temp activates, it heats the garage all the way back up to 50 at minimum, and I don’t need it to be 50 in the mide of the night… its a waste of energy… just want to keep it around 40-45 max… then turn up to 60 when I’m out there.

That’s unfortunate programming.
Well, hope wyze fixes it soon then.

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