Suddenly it won't configure

well I went all in with Wyze…15 cameras on two properties and three thermostats and then suddenly the thermos stop configuring and whamo Wyze says sorry you have done everything correct (reset everything, reloaded, 2.4 ghz, etc!) but you are out of warranty. So I am out…done…spent way over a grand and was planning on much more but I am switching…already have other company thermos on the way via Amazon (much easier to return). Oh well…you gotta stand by your product and if you don’t you won’t survive

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Sorry you had these issues It is curious as to how all three failed simultaniously, especially if they were on different networks in different locations. I have been using a Wyze Thermostat for a long time now an have never had a single issue with it working perfectly. I wonder what changed to make them all stop at once.? :thinking: