Success connecting V3 rate?

Just opened my two v3 cameras…
I have a50% connection rate… Put in a ticket to see what they can tell me.
But the first one connected accurately in less than 10 seconds… But the next one… tried 20 times, power cycled the camera, refreshed the qr code multiple times, force closed the app and tried again…
No luck over 20 minutes of trying…
How’s everyone else’s experience???

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Both of mine connected immediately, sorry to hear you’re having issues.

Very slightly off topic, haa anyone noticed whether they have better range / stronger signal than the V2s?

I just connected three in a row with only one problem. It’s so obvious its embarrassing, but on one I forgot to remove the film from the lens.
Long shot, but I thought I would throw it out there.
Other possible things to try:
-restart your device
-restart your router
-if available, try with another device
-if you have installed an SD card in the cam, remove it and try without it


no sd card installed yet, I found it easier to load that after connection on my other cameras.

The router is not at issue here, it is getting the camera to recognize the QR Code, that is why I refreshed the app, the QR code, and cycled the camera a bunch.

The fact that the first cam read the code and connected almost instantly is good, but that sort of implies that the second cam has an issue in reading the code…ugh…

I have a similar story from setup. I bought 4 Wyze Cam v3 devices. Three of them were flawless in setup. The total process took less than 5 minutes each and it saw the QR code immediately.

The fourth camera required 2-3 hard resets (holding camera reset button for 10 seconds). The hang up was getting it to scan the QR code from the app. The camera couldn’t see it. I tried upside down and moving closer and farther away from the camera as described by troubleshooting instructions. After multiple resets and during many attempts to scan it finally ‘caught’ the QR code. I had put the phone within an inch of the camera and slowly moved out. The camera saw the QR code about 10-12 inches out. The fourth camera took 20+ minutes to setup.