V3 “Failed to connect”

I just received my v3 pro and keep getting “Failed to connect” when trying to add to my system.
Next I tried my new OG camera and it installed just just fine.

Then several more attempts with V3 Pro. No lu


Back to the V3 Pro with several attempts without success.

As I still had an unopened V3, not Pro, I was able to connect through the normal steps.

Since I only have one V3 Pro, I don’t have another one to see if this connection issue is repeatable.

The V3 seems not to see my router, while the other two new can. Doesn’t make sense. Is it a bad camera or is there another step I can take to connect?

All the steps are listed here. I set up a V3 Pro in November 2022 without any issues. I have have two distinct networks, 2.4 and 5.0 with different SSID for each.

Yup, exactly as I have done in the past, and today with other cameras.

Once the V3 Pro sees and recognizes the QR code, I thought I was good to go. After QR code scanned, the next screen states connecting…this could take a minute.

After 2 ½ minutes that screen pops up with Failed to connect.

So, I’m doing just like the instructions stated and doing likewise with the link you showed in your post.

The only other thing I see is this link. If that doesn’t work I would call and tell them to send a different cam and return that one.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try.

Just out of curiosity, are you installing the cam to an open network… One without a password?

Also, do you have your GPS location enabled while installing?

The OG Cams use a different install protocol than the V3Pro. Note they do not use the QR code but instead use Bluetooth (BLE) for their install.