Camera goes from "QR Code Scanned, Please Wait" to "Ready To Connect" after 6 seconds. [HELP]

Hi, I’m trying to set up my new Wyze cams v2 (first time) and I’m having issues that I can’t find help for online.

When it says Ready To Connect, it succesfully scans my QR code and says “QR Code Scanned, Please Wait” and I press the button on my phone for it. But after like 6 seconds the camera goes back into yellow light and says Ready To Connect after like 10-15 seconds. If I let the 150 second timer run down, it ends with “Connection error, try again” or something of the sorts.

What am I doing wrong?

Can you measure the signal strength of your connection?
I’ve had that happen when signal strength was marginal.
That was when I was trying to hook up to to my phone as a hotspot. I moved the phone and connected.

The issue shouldn’t be with the connection as I was right beside my router. However, I ordered 2 and my second camera worked right away with no issues at all. I assumed the issue was that the problem came with a problem. I have returned it and ordered a replacement.

It would help if facts like that were stated to start with.