Submit a Log Button Placement

Not sure if this is the same in the live version, but due to the Submit a Log Button Placement, you can’t submit clips from the camera. The positioning of it perfectly blocks the button to send the clip, see screenshot below:

You can move it out of the way by just holding into it and dragging. You can also just Remove it by going to account > app settings > and toggle of the Submit log button.


Yeah, the recent change is bad design. Before, you could touch anywhere on the grey banner and it would allow you to submit the video with feedback, So it didn’t make a big difference that it covered the “yes”…

However, now they’ve disabled that so the only way to submit the video is too drag the floating feedback icon off the yes, then click it.

That’s not too big of a deal since you can drag it anywhere, but it was better when we could click anywhere in the grey banner. It would be even better if the default location want covering such an important option.

Ultimately, regardless of placement, we can reposition or remove it. Keep in mind, the icon will be in the way of something no matter where it is initially placed, depending on which screen you end up on.

This is a common problem with any floating icon.

I don’t disagree with that, however, Wyze can resolve this very common use-interference by fixing the app back to work how it did just a few weeks ago, where we could press anywhere on that bottom grey banner to activate the submission:


A few weeks ago, the floating icon wasn’t bothersome at all because I’d just press anywhere in the grey banner and it still worked, so I didn’t care that I couldn’t see the “YES” link. I don’t know why they suddenly disabled that to make it more annoying/frustrating. Design changes should make things more functional or fewer steps, not more complicated with more steps and confusion.

Still, once I noticed they disabled the previous functionality, I just do as you said and move the floater first. It’s not a huge deal, but it is far from an “improvement” over how it was before.

Welp, wasn’t aware I could move it, so that fixes it :joy:


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