Make “Submit Log Button” option available for production app

Currently, a submit log button can be enabled in Account > App Settings for beta apps. This can be useful for non-beta users as well. Why does this need to be restricted to beta?

Some clarification: If you go to any device’s settings page in the production app, then Wyze Support, there is an option here to submit a log. What is being proposed here is a feature in the beta app that enables a floating submit a log button image that appears on top of the app’s interface on all screens.

That said, because submitting a log is not the same as submitting a support ticket, and for non beta users should really only be used when requested by support, I’m not convinced this is a good idea for inclusion in the production app. I think it could lead to some confusion or misuse of log submission by non-beta users.

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Just my own experience with this in the beta app, no matter where I put it on the screen, it always seems to be in the way of something I need to click.



I’ve heard of Murphy’s law, but I think we just invented WildBill’s law…

Anywhere you can think to place the floating log icon out of the way, will ensure the necessity of selecting whatever is now underneath it within a couple more taps.

I guess for those who don’t have the HMS system, it might usually be a safe place to put it over that tab.


Yea lol, and whenever you close the app it goes back to the corner :expressionless:

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Murphy’s WildBill Law: I move it somewhere else and it’s always in the way, so I turn it off and then need it, so I turn it back on and the issue has disappeared.


Oh, I like yours better!