Beta Notices - Within the App itself

It should be possible to report beta issues from within the beta app itself including responses, screen images and logs.

This way time, device, versions, and exactly what is being seen can be reported in a more effective manner.

In your beta app go into settings, app settings, submit log button. Make sure that is on and you will have a floating arrow button throughout your app constantly which you can move around.

When you run into an issue you can tap that button and submit a log instantly. You can include the log files and being on beta these go directly to the developers. Before submitting that log take a screenshot or try to capture what it is you are doing and you can attach that to the log as well.

Once you hit that floating arrow button to submit a log you will see a screen that looks like this, make sure the submit log file button is highlighted to send in all the information about the phone and app at the time things were going on. And in the body of the message you can add pictures and things using that “plus” button


To add on to what @Bam said, you can also go to the account tab, Wyze support, then “submit a log” if you don’t want the button floating on screen. You can also hold down on the floating log button to move it around.


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