How to report Bugs

Not sure what tag to use but is there a way to report bugs on light bulbs and all? I post in the Facebook group but before an administrator gets on I get like a dozen snarky comments. And sometimes because of Facebook the mods/administrators don’t even see the post. I’ve mentioned several bugs over the past week that have just been overlooked. Is there a bug report to send on bulbs, scales and bands? Seems like my bug reports are getting ignored and while I know bugs are a part of testing I see no feasible means of doing this if the reports are not being seen.

Definitely search the forum first to see if anyone else has the same issue or if Wyze has released a response on it. Then submit a log and post the number there for Wyze. If you don’t see anything, check these pages:

If the bug is not listed anywhere and you have tried all troubleshooting tips, you can post about it here. Please remember to post in the #beta section if it’s about the beta firmware or app and tag it as a #bug.

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