Reporting bugs (for forum mavens)

This question is directed towards forum mavens/moderators such as @Loki, @Bam, @Brlepage, @dr.know, @Seapup. When I am working with someone on a problem through the Wyze forum, sometimes we will conclude that we think the problem is a bug. I would like to tell them how to report the bug or give them a link and some instructions on how to do that. I was wondering what the best way for them to report the bug is even if they are not beta testers. Thanks


I’m not a Maven or Mod but…
I do it through the app.
Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log.
Keep track of the Ticket ID #. I usually take a screen shot.


Definitely search the forum first to see if anyone else has the same issue or if Wyze has released a response on it. Then submit a log and post the number there for Wyze. If you don’t see anything, check these pages:

If the bug is not listed anywhere and you have tried all troubleshooting and contacted Wyze support about it first, you can post about it here. Please remember to post in the #beta section if it’s about the beta firmware or app.


Thanks @Brlepage, I will definitely use this while helping someone!