Android beta App Quesion

Maybe a not so odd question, but, I have had the Beta app installed for a good while now. In checking apps that needed updating in the Google Play store, I noticed a WYZE update. So I installed it… v2.17.7

My WYZE app now no longer indicates beta on my app and the send log button is no longer “floating” in the app.

I checked my Google account and it is still registered as a beta account.

Should I assume that beta and prod match versions which is why I no longer have the beta app?

Thanks for any insight from the community.

I have the same issue on iPhone. The button was there with the previous update but as soon as it updated to the latest the send feedback button was missing.

You are correct, it is the production version now. Beta has been removed from the title and the send log button is gone as well. Once a new beta comes out, you will be notified and can install it as you have in the past.


Thank you much for the info @spamoni4 and good job beta testers. We made it to prod! :slight_smile:


Just an FYI, I am sure all of the Forums are linked, but I was provided this URL for strictly Beta items and reports. I have been using this site for a bit now and have gotten some great responses from other Beta Testers, Mavens, and Moderators alike.

Just letting you know…

oops - I just saw a post of yours in that location. :slight_smile:


Spamoni4, Thank you for letting us know. I didn’t notice the send feedback button gone yesterday but I did today. I came here looking for reason why and how to fix it and you supplied the answer.

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