Stuck on "Connecting camera by secure channel (1/3)"

I have 6 wyze cams set up around my home. Up until today they all worked no issues. Today one of my cameras suddenly stopped connecting.

Ive hard reset it, reinstalled the firmware, reconnecting it several times, Ive reinstalled the app, i’ve logged out and back in. No matter what i do its always stuck on “Connecting camera by secure channel 1/3”

The light in the back is blue and it appears to be connected. I can turn the camera off and back on via the app(I can see the blue light turn off and back on), I can use the app to delete, reset and update the device, but again it wont connect via a secure channel.

Not sure what to try next.


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I’m on IOS so bear with me but I’m not sure what you mean by

The 1/3 part I understand but I haven’t seen the “by a secure channel” part before. It might be an Android message only.
I’ll tag in the other @Mavens, several of whom are on Android and might be able to help.

I have the Android 10 production app 2.10.36 and if I don’t have a camera in a group and click on the camera the loading message does say “Connecting camera by secure channel” during the run up. If I were to group the camera and click in the group, it just says “connecting” during the run up when the group view is starting up live views for its cameras.

I am perplexed at being able to control the camera but can’t connect to it. Trying to scrub the forums for a similar issues.

@p2kart, welcome to the group! What version of the firmware is on the camera, and what app version are you using? How many other wifi devices are on your network? And what kind of wireless network do you have? My thoughts are going towards the network capacity for wireless connections has been reached with this last camera install causing the streaming to not work. Or something along those lines if you can install the camera but not live view from it. Have you restarted the router recently?

Thanks for the reply, I kind of suspect there is a problem establishing this “Secure Connection”
It appears to be connecting back to Wyze servers properly. When i have the camera unplugged the wyze app knows its offline, and when its powered back up it shows up as “on”.

You are correct, that connecting message only shows up when the camera is not part of a group. It was originally in a group till it stopped connecting.

This camera has been functional since December of last year, with it even capturing a motion clip 15 mins before it started having issues. I dont that that many devices, as for the router, i could try rebooting it.

I am on android 9, the camera is on

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It could be because the camera actually makes 2 connections, the first allows you to control and change some things or reset the cam, the second connection is the video connection


That is my guess too, camera controls and status dont require a secure connection since there are less privacy issues, but the the video itself requires this “secure” channel. My camera seems to have issues establishing that connection.

Still scrubbing the forums looking for same or similar issues and I see this thread. Goes into alot of network talk, but does any of this make sense when it comes to the resolution that this user found?

And as always this is a forum of users helping users, if you wanted to also go an official route here is the support ticket link.

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Thank you for searching…My issue resolved itself, and I am not sure i really did anything to fix it.

The last thing I did was downgrade the firmware and reupdate it to the newest version, but this was my 2nd time attempting this, I also left it on overnight.

Based on my understanding of “secure connections”, i kind of suspect the camera might have downloaded a bad key for the secure connection, and over time the key expired and downloaded a new key that worked.

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Nice! Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks for updating the thread.

To help people in the future would you mind updating the first post by posting your solution in it or marking your above post as the solution? It’ll help alot for people that have the same issue and won’t have to scrub the entire thread for the resolution. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Spoke too soon, it stopped working again.

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I have been having the same problem in the last week - but other users that I have granted access to the same cameras are able to view them without any trouble. Mine however just hangs


One of my three cameras has a similar issue where when selected it says “loading” and although it works the message never goes away.

Having a similar issue that started 2 days ago. I have 3x v2 cams. 2 are on the latest firmware and 1 on rtsp. The 2x when I try to connect just spin indefinitely and oddly will take my entire wifi down if I let it continue to try. It will take all wifi devices offline until I close the app (Android) and the wifi will resume. I did reboot all the devices as well. The rtsp firmware device i can connect too fine without the network issues.

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I am also seeing something similar. I have 5 v2 Cams and 4 of them are on RTSP firmware and the other one on the latest firmware. I am not able to connect to any device reliably. Once in a while I get a connection but it doesn’t last. My RTSP center (Synology) can’t connect to any of them either. This started on May 7th. I would expect my router to have no issues with the 39 devices on the network (Netgear Orbi) but I can’t be sure!

Last night i swapped the 2 with the official firmware over to the RTSP and left RTSP off. Now i can access them from the app. If i turn RTSP on and link them to my Ivideon software it drags the network down and all devices on 2.4 band. This has been ongoing for a long time which is why i was using official firmware.

Same here. I just disconnected all my RTSP devices and the non RTSP devices (stock) all came back online and no issues with wifi anymore. Wyze this needs to be fixed… the RTSP is useless if it is unstable

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Problem: ALL CAMERAS - “Connecting camera by secure network channel (1/3)” date at bottom of each last image is around 5/23/20.
When I click < back up at top on app, WYZE APP closes back to my main Samsung phone APP main icon menu page on my Android.
I have multiple WYZE CAMs and 2 PAN CAMs
WYZE Camera Firmware updates checked today 6-7-20: Pans Wyze Cams
none work.
Added the WYZE APP with my account and password to my wifes identical SAMSUNG Android phone and it works fine, no issues cameras are 100%.
Reboot network, and wifi, delete several cameras, no change.
My guess, my phone made a butt (call) while carrying in my pocket. This is a major problem. Some thing deleted? Something blocked? Something denied? HELP!

ALEXA, iRobot vacuums, RING Cams, Xfinity raving reports on signal strengths, all outstanding digital reports.

EASY FIX, I ASSUME, BUY a new Android Phone. Can’t swing that now. Don’t want to cancel my WYZE RECORDING SERVICE to pay for new phone. HELP, PLEASE.

I think I hit a button in error on my Samsung Galaxy SMG900V.1

per my post about. solved problem.
Alexa Skills, WYZE disabled, apparently password had changed somehow. Submitted new password request, changed the password, closed, entered with new password. All WYZE cams up and running. enabled skill when prompted.

I know I’m a year late, but I had the same problem with all my v2 and updating the android app fixed it.

I had a connection problem with two added cameras on the far end of the house. I believe it was due to weak wifi. I added a wifi extender, reset the cameras to the new wifi connection, and they both seem to connect well now.