Connecting camera by secure channel (1/3) often.

I just got 2 of the V2 cams. They setup just fine.

I have only used them for a few hours but very frequently, the app gets stuck at “Connecting camera by secure channel (1/3)”, then says to restart app.

The cams are n my 2.4ghz wifi, while my phone is on my 5ghz wifi.

Does it for both cams randomly. Most often, One cam will load fine, the other won’t. and visa versa.

Wait a few minutes and try again, it loads fine.

The cams were updated to the latest firmware during first setup today.

If you take your phone to where the cameras are installed, can you reliably connect to your wifi? What is the signal strength?

I wish the Wyze app would let you see the wifi signal strength as seen by the camera, but I am not aware of any way to find that.

Depending on your wifi router, it may have the ability to show you the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) and quality (RSSI - Noise) that your router sees from the camera.

If these questions sound like technobabble, it is. Sorry.

One cam is in the same room as the router. An Asus RT-AC68U. I live in small apartment. The other cam is in the other room, Other side of the wall from router. No more that 25 feet away.

Wifi Signal Strength is not the issue. As I can connect to my wifi 4 units down the hall from me and downstairs.

And i’m a techy guy…so I know what ur referring to…

Associated Authorized RSSI PSM SGI STBC Tx rate Rx rate Connect Time
Cam1 Yes Yes -46dBm No Yes Yes 72.2M 52M 00:21:52
Cam2 Yes Yes -31dBm No Yes Yes 72.2M 6.5M 01:58:11

Does your router’s firmware allow you to look at the log file to see how often it is getting DHCP requests from the cameras? I am just trying to determine if the disconnects are at layer 2 (wifi) or layer 3 (internet).

If you live next to many other wifi routers, I would recommend using 20MHz channel width in the 2.4GHz band, and try to convince your neighbors to as well.

Maybe someone has a crappy microwave oven that is interfering and causing disconnects.

Or there may be someone that is intentionally using a wifi jammer that sends deauthentication frames to “competing” MAC addresses.

This isn’t a universal problem, I can connect to all 4 cameras from my Nexus 5x Android 8.0.1, using Wyze App 1.3.125 and v1 fw and v2 fw4.9.1.60. A v1 and v2 local, and a v1 and v2 remote.

But neither is in a highly congested 2.4GHz network, and Cable internet both sites.

If you have an SD card in your cameras, you may want to capture logs from App and cameras.

I do not think the camera is falling of the network at all. As i can access it much more reliably if I use BlueStacks on my computer to access it over same LAN. Streamed them for about 4hrs no issue. Or via another wifi network outside of mine. The login hang still happens on my phone, but far less often outside of my network.

I have an extremely crowed 2.4g environment. Already set to 20mhz. And this environment never had any effect on the old dlink cams i had before. The only things I have on 2.4 band. All my other devices are 5gh AC.

Odd way to “capture” log files…put the sd card in and out right away. I would assume that transferrers the current generating log file from the cams internal memory to the sd card. Cause otherwise, that is useless to just generate a log file for those few seconds.

I am not very keen to mess with the sd card as its a pain in the ass design, having it in the bottom, so u have to unmount the cam…then take the time to re-position the it just right again. there is no reason they cant just have a “download cam log file” option built right into the app. My dlinks had that.

Can someone confirm if the wyzecam is suppose to show connecting 1/3 and then authenticating 2/3 for like 2-3 seconds each time before you can view the live feed? Thus that is how it works?

Yes, it is supposed to do that. It’s setting up the encrypted stream.