Strap Hinge Camera Mount

Looking at Bam’s (Forum Mavin) adjustable motion sensor mount got me thinking about using strap hinges for adjustable camera mounts. Two 4" strap hinges are needed see below.

These hinges are modified by replacing the original pins with a No. 12x24x1.5" Round Head Machine screw and nut. See below.

A portion of the outer hinge pin grip needs to be removed to make room for the nut. See below.

The modified hinge is assembled as shown below.

After modifying two strap hinges they are assembled and used to mount cameras as shown below.
Only one mounting screw is used in the various setups shown because this mount is for a neighbor. I would supplement the magnetic attachement with a wrap or two of tape.

Now that I have completed this strap hinge mount, I see how I can improve it, till later.
Victor Maletic


Thank you for taking the time to document that so very thoroughly!

Thank you Loki.
Compare my early strap hinge mounts done a year ago with my recent submittal. The modified hinge is much nicer.

When on the forum I look to see what you have to say.

Victor Maletic

Opps, I ment to send you this picture. It surprised me to see a video my arch bridge model.

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