Alternative way to mount outdoor camera

One alternative:

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Pull off the base and expose the threaded hole… Many possibilities.


For new V3 cam. Removed magnet with Dremel. Cut slot to accommodate plug. Hides cord completely for installation under eave.


Good job @VictorErnest :+1: and welcome to the Community Forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Now mounted.


I wish this particular mount you have worked with the V3 from what I read it doesn’t fit properly. I am looking for a small mounting bracket to attach outside a window into brick. Yours looks great though !

Look into “brick clips”

Check this guy’s site he makes quality products, prices are very reasonable and he stands behind the products:

Thanks for sharing my stuff. I don’t however have any camera related mounts. Because of the 3V having a standard screw mount I haven’t found a need that didn’t already have a solution. However if I am missing something please let me know. I just like solving problems.

Just saw an opportunity for recognizing good work.

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Very clean looking camera mount.

Nicely done.