Strange behavior

I’ve had a cam that hasn’t been as stable as my other cams since I got it. It was my first one and only recently since I’ve purchased another that is rock solid did I find out it wasn’t just inherently buggy but that I may have a lemon.

From time to time it will work for a little while then I realize I’m not getting any notifications and it’s back to unresponsive. As I type this it’s not working and I’ve tried several things to try to get it working.

  1. Unplugging and plugging back in. No dice.
  2. Pressing reset button. No dice.
  3. Holding reset button for 5 seconds(it’s a v2). Nothing really happens.

I notice when it’s unresponsive that every 2 minutes or so the orange light will come on, stay on for a bit, I hear the click hear the speaker pop and then a double click and the light goes off. Stays like that for another minute or two and then repeats over and over.

Anyone familiar with this behavior? Is there another way to factory reset? Re-load firmware? Or do u just have a paperweight on my hands?

Have you tried swapping its location with the more stable one? It could have to do with the wifi signal at the location.

I didn’t swap them but I did bring it inside the house (it’s in my garage) to be sure that wasn’t the problem and even 10 feet from my AP it was exerting the same behavior.