1 of 3 cams clicking

Hi all,
I’ve searched the community & spoken with tech support on this but wanted to take a chance that someone here has a fix. I bought 3 cans and 2 setup easily and upgraded f/w without issue. The 3rd one however connected, started the upgrade & then proceeded to lose its mind. It clicks, it throws error 90 or 42, sometimes it flashes yellow to start the connection process, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve reset and rebooted the thing too many times to count. All were setup in the same location and on a 2.4 net. Wyze said I “must’ve received a wonky camera” and are sending a replacement in 4 to 7 business days. I think the f/w bricked it, but don’t know if there’s such a thing as factory reset on these? In any case, I need the 3rd cam sooner than the replacement will get here. Anyone have any ideas or am I just stuck waiting?

If you HAVE to have it sooner, buy one from Amazon and pay for overnight shipping. Yes this will cost more however, it will solve your necessity to have it sooner.

You can try loading the firmware on a microSD card. Search the forums for the process. If its indeed a firmware issue this may clear it up. If its hardware, replacement is your only option.