V2 Cam Blinking Blue Light

I’m trying to fix a v2 cam that seems to be bricked. No matter what steps I take, it keeps pulsing a light blue color and nothing more. I’ve tried force restarting, flashing the firmware, and holding the setup button on startup for extended amounts of time and I am still unable to get it to work. Any other suggestions to get it into pairing mode?

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Any updates here? I’m still in the same boat after 3 weeks of attempts and Wyze support not being any help. Thanks!

Yes. I flashed the firmware and got it going. Make sure you pick a stable firmware from like 6 months ago when following this procedure.

@Cap may I ask which firmware version worked for you? I’ve tried at least two and still have the blinking blues. :frowning:

I did this sometime ago, but when I did it was July 2020 that worked.

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Thank you!

Unfortunately I’m still getting nowhere and I have tried many things and many versions. Reformatted as FAT32, reduced partition to 512 MB, deleted system volume information directory, etc. On older firmware I get a solid yellow result. On newer firmware I get blinking blue/yellow.

(The blue/yellow result is supposed to be standard for the webcam firmware which is why I have NEVER even tried to install that one.)

I know it’s not dead because the results change depending on what I flash, and because the camera has written a time_lapse directory back to the card a few times.

Why are you portioning? Just format the card and flash it with the new firmware like in the video.

I already did that of course, the first several times. As I got increasingly desperate I researched other ideas. The Dafang folks say that 512 MB partitions and FAT32 can help. I’ve still been concentrating on getting the regular Wyze firmware to work.

I would trash it if I thought it were simply dead, but it’s not.

In other words, I’m in your previous boat:

Well color me slightly shocked. I finally tried it with Dafang (first time ever) and it came right up! I was able to use https//dafang as promised, without even having to check my router to see what IP address it grabbed.

The status light is a solid yellow now.

I’d still really like to get this back on a stock Wyze firmware but at least I don’t have a complete brick now. :slight_smile:

Edit 1: Yellow light turned off. Seems to come and go, perhaps based on writes to storage activity.

Edit 2: Tried reflashing to Wyze. Back to useless blinking yellow/blue again. :frowning:

Edit 3: After multiple version attempts, back to Dafang. It’s the only thing that works on this. (Haven’t tried the webcam firmware.). Perhaps the V2’s main internal storage is fried and, other than the boot, it’s only willing to run code off the card (where the Dafang executables live)? Doesn’t really make sense… Dafang performance was pretty bad on my network until I set 10 fps at 1920 resolution.