V4.9.4.37 Killing one of my 17 V2s, flashing firmware didn't work!

Updated my 17 V2s and 2 Pans using the update all function. All updated fine except one V2 dead with constant on yellow light. Then I followed https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022732931-Wyze-Cam-Firmware trying to manually flash firmware to the previous version V4.9.4.28 which is available for download.
But the brighter blue light is always on after many minutes without rebooting. Tried manual flashing 3 times but still getting a dead bright blue led.
Please help !!
Next time I won’t use that update all function but update cams one by one. Very disappointed.

Did you pull the SD card (if any)?
I had one V2 which wouldn’t flash until a firmware update came out.

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You meant pulling out the SD card ?
All my 17 V2s and 2 Pans have either 32GB and 64GB cards.
I don’t pull them out during update.
I just reformatted a bland new Samsung 32GB card using another working V2, copy demon.bin to root directory, press and hold reset button, power on, release reset button when orange led changes to that lighter blue led. Waited many minutes now, nothing changes. Just that lighter blue led stays on, no reboot or anything :frowning:

Did you try to just delete the camera and set it back up as new. Full reset sometimes helps. Just curious.

The V2 is completely dead. Pressed reset button multiple times, no “Ready to pair” voice. First time I had camera not working/dead after update. Opened a ticket, waiting for support team’s response.

I have yet to have one actually die but I experienced a failure on one of my cams a few months back. Had to do a full reset on it, add it back into the app and my wireless network and then the upgrade completed. It seems the firmware upgrade is not reliable even with a strong wireless signal strength.

I am now receiving “Upgrade Failed” messages even when the firmware upgrade took hold. IT is frustrating.