Cam V2 - Revert to mainstream firmware trouble (from Wyze RTSP)

I have been running my V2’s with the ‘official’ RTSP firmware since it was released. I have upgraded all of them with the newer RTSP firmware and I have never tried any alternate firmware. I decided to go back to the official channel to get the WebRTC functionality (and use my cam+ licenses just sitting there…) .

I powered down, took the cards out, placed the demo.bin file (newest as of today), placed the card in, held the setup button and applied power. After a few seconds I got the light blue light and waited… and waited… The light was alternating solid and flashing for minutes at a time. After 20 minutes the camera had not rebooted. I left that one be while I downloaded the previous firmware release and attempted the same on another V2. I have the same result.

I removed the card from the first one and cold booted. This camera did not come back and is flashing pale blue. I gave the second one about 15 minutes and cold booted without a card. I have not checked the led status on this one, but both of these are offline hours later.

I see another person had a similar issue but used unknown firmware and they eventually took it apart. Anyone else have a similar experience? I think maybe trying a significantly older firmware closer to the version the RTSP was based on may help. Any advice is appreciated.

First question is how big is the uSD card? for flashing it can not be larger than 32GB

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You might want to try and factory reset one of the failing cameras. I wouldn’t do all of them, just one. Then try to flash the firmware again. Make sure SD card is formatted FAT32 and, as is pointed out in the previous post, less that 32GB.

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