Can't revert to stock firmware (Wyze Cam V2)


I recently flashed the RTSP firmware (not the experimental one) to my Wyze Cam v2. I’d like to go back to the original firmware now, but every time I repeat the steps of putting the demo.bin (of multiple firmware releases from the release notes page) into the root of the SD card (formatted and empty) it doesn’t flash the firmware. It just goes to “ready to connect”.

What do I need to do to get back to the original firmware?

Are you sure you’re pressing the setup button before plugging in the USB connector? You might be unknowingly releasing it.

Also check to see if the SD card capacity is 32gb and that it’s seated properly. Also check if the card is good. Try viewing the contents in a PC.

If you are renaming the file on a Windows PC, please make sure you surround the filename with quotation marks like so, “demo.bin”. Otherwise, you could end up with a file named ‘demo.bin.bin’ on the SD card. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the help everybody. I think it was just user error. qlang243 probably had it right and I’m just fat fingered!

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