Store WiFi credentials in nvRAM

When WiFi loses Credentials after the period that is normal for Wyze cameras; cameras need to be reconfigured with WiFi credentials. nVRam could be used to retain the credentials even beyond the normal period built in the camera.

nVRam details

I am coding and putting to together a unique application for a remote switch on a solar power, battery box; with buckconvert to 5 volts. Plan is to switch off camera power when there is no web request to view camera and the count down timer expires. So far the camera has lost credentials three times, Extended time can pass between web requests. Coding has been completed. Need to install in the shed for beta tests. Concerned about WiFi credential losses.


Wow. Interesting. I haven’t lost my wifi credentials. I have found them where I placed them. I have removed power from cams for up to an hour with no issue.

How long does it take for wifi credentials to vanish?

Not judging, just curious as to models and other events.


Same thing, just curious. I have had camera that were off for quite a few weeks many times, and in a few cases several months and never had a camera (various types) lose their WiFi credentials. Just a couple days ago I powered up a V2 that had not been powered in at least six weeks and it connected just fine.


Hate to say this, but aren’t wifi credentials already stored in NVRAM? If not, how would the camera connect after a power cycle? They aren’t stored on sdcard since one isn’t required. And the camera can’t connect to Wyze servers for configuration information until the connection to wifi is established.


My use case is Cam v3 is powerd by solar charged; battery. I am proramming an ESP32, remote controlled switch that will turn on the camera by a web url request; then turn off by a count down timer. Have experienced need to reset camera that refuses to reconnect without climbling a ladder, removing the camera, resetting network ssid and password. Would like to know the amount of time CAM v3 will retain network ssid and password without power? Minutes, hours, days?

William, AB9NQ

I have a v3 that was unplugged for at least one year. I just plugged it in and it connected fine.

I have a few others that have been unplugged for 2+ years. I’ll plug them in tomorrow and report back.

I missed typed the type of RAM; should have been nvSRAM. This type of RAM retains data when power is lost/turned off.

William, AB9NQ

Are you sure it’s a type of RAM? It could very well be just an eeprom.

I fired up a Cam v3 that has been sitting around unpowered for 3+ years. It started right up, connected to network and live streamed, even with old firmware. No SD card installed and no subscription.

Just out of curiosity, I also fired up an old Cam v2 that has been unpowered for 4+ years. No issues connecting to network and live streaming.

I moved your request out of wishlist as it does not appear to be a valid request for a new feature or enhancement.

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