Plugged in all the time?

New to WYZE . I have a couple of the little cameras. Do I have to keep them plugged into a power source all the time? I thought I saw on the videos that they were just sitting on a counter.




Yes ,you have to keep them plugged into a power source all the time , there is no batteries in them

so on the video the camera is on the kitchen counter and is pointed at a dog. no cords are coming out of the camera. so this is just for show?

also do you by chance know if I can also see my camera on my lap top or just my cell phone?



I don’t know where you saw that video, but yes, it was likely staged that way to show a clean appearance. As HDRock says, the camera has no battery. So if it’s not plugged in, then it’s just a cute paperweight. It is possible to power the camera with a standard USB power bank. In the support section (link at top of this page), there is info on how long various size power banks could be expected to power the camera.

At this time, you can only view the camera’s video on an Android or iOS cellphone or laptop. Wyze is considering the request for web server access, but has not announced any such plans. The only known workaround at this time is to run the TinyCam Pro app on an Android device and use it’s built in web server feature to send the video to a computer web browser.

so techinically i could unplug the camera or the router and this would disable the camera?

so techinically i could unplug the camera or the router and this would disable the camera?


Pfff. Not sure this is the best option.

Abandoning cart. Someone could simply unplug the camera or wifi and all surveillance would be lost.

If your power was out, or your router was off, Even with a battery operated camera you Would not have any live view or get any alerts Until the power was restored.
If I unplug my TV it doesn’t work anymore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I run only laptops these days and have moved all my UPS boxes to my routers and hubs. I just checked that big online seller and they sell a battery pack (Rechargeable 12V 6000mAh/5V 12000mAh DC Output Lithium Ion Battery Pack For LED Strip And CCTV Camera) that has a usb port that will charge and output at the same time. Effectively a USB UPS for just such needs. Problem solved.

Too many variables for tampering and loss of signal


I too have battery backup for my Wi-Fi And a couple of battery powered Cams , So I still have a little coverage if power goes down .
Those battery packs Would run one or 2 cameras A long time

They would probably run longer than the UPS on my router/modem. Also, for the same $35, you can get a Standby UPS 400VA 255W, 6 Outlets and just plug the camera in. A little bigger and bulkier, but there are plenty of economical options.

Yeah these would work good and Not a bad price

Yeah, that’s the UPS I saw. I didn’t know the policy of posting products here. Unless space was an issue, I’d go with that over the battery pack. Also, I bet that uses a fairly standard battery for when it needs replacing. I’ve replaced several batteries in my other UPS boxes.

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Yes, that’s how electricity works.