Power consumption

With all the talk about unplugging “Dongle’s/Power adapters” , I’m wondering how long will the Wyze Cam retain all the necessary memory if the power is removed? Does the Power adapter still use power when the Camera is in the off position? I’m just thinking out loud about maybe adding a Wi-Fi enabled outlet so as to only power the Dongle when I want the camera on but I don’t want it to lose the Wi-Fi address when power is removed.

On another subject, my stationary Wyze Cam connects to my Alexa but my 4 Pan Scan camera’s do not connect or show up on my scans for new equipment/devices.

Essential user data (SSID name and password, Wyze app credentials, etc) are retained in Flash memory when the camera is unpowered. If the power fails (mains failure, or unplug camera to move it to another room, etc), the camera will reconnect automatically. Data is retained in Flash indefinitely.

If the camera is turned ‘off’, it still draws power from the power adaptor. Wyze ‘off’ is not really off.