Sticking camera on brick

Would like to know if anyone has successfully stuck a Wyze cam on brick. If so what product are you using?


Couple of choices depending on how permanent you want to be. On the really permanent end of the scale, drill a hole in the brick and set either a concrete anchor or screw designed for masonry (TapCon screw for example). Use the screw keyway in the base of the V3 camera to mount the camera.
For a little less permanent, use something like silicone sealer to “glue” the metal disk that comes with the camera to the wall and use the magnetic base of the camera to mount to the disk. You could try the double sided tape that comes with the camera, but I doubt it would hold to brick long term - and likely would be harder to get off cleanly than silicone.



I have used hot glue before. Faster setup time than silicone and if you want to remove it, pop it off with a putty knife. It comes off pretty clean.