Stick vacuum question

I received the Wyze stick vacuum I had pre-ordered today and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can’t get it to turn on for more than a second or two. I press the trigger until it starts and if I hold the trigger down or release it, the vacuum turns off. When it turns off the battery flashes 100% at me for a bit as if mocking me. I tried charging it anyway and after a few hours the results were the same.

Quick press and release to turn on. Same to turn off. Don’t hold it in (as would be typical …)

Yeah, that does the same thing, just shuts off after a second and doesn’t even do the 1 second of on again until I plug the battery in then unplug it. I sent some videos into into support like they asked for when I contacted them and they are sending me a new unit and having me return the one I got. Guess there’s always a few defects on brand new products.

I decided to just put a twist-tie around the trigger with the battery flashing 100% and leave it on to see how long it would take for it to go down to something else… it’s been flashing 100% for about 15 hours straight now. It said 100% when I got it and I’m not sure if it’ll ever say anything different, lol…

After 5 more hours of having the trigger depressed via twist-tie with the battery flashing 100% it finally just stopped flashing… so I detached the battery from the vacuum, plugged it in and it showed (guess? 100%!) So I undid the twist-tie and plugged the battery into the vacuum and clicked the trigger… it showed 100% battery but didn’t turn on like it had before. I clicked the trigger again and it went to 99%! The first time I saw anything other than 100! It still didn’t turn on but I took the battery out of the vacuum again and plugged it in and it said 0%! This seems like progress! Now while I’m typing this it is already to 2%… I’m going to wait until 5% and try it again…

Maybe somehow the battery was “stuck” and draining it completely will have fixed it?

Either way they are sending me a new one but I have nothing to do with this one but try random stuff until the new one arrives and I can send this one back.

OK, it’s not fixed but it isn’t showing 100% anymore… and it stayed on for more than 2 seconds for once…

At 5% I tried it and it turned on for approximately 4 seconds and then the battery changed from 5% to zero. I thought wow that 5% went fast but when I plugged it in the battery showed 5% again. Now I see it went to 6%… I’m going to charge it up to 100% again and see what happens. I’m not sure if I’ll try it again yet tonight or if I’ll end up falling asleep and trying tomorrow.

More to come. Maybe it’ll get to 100% quicker than I’d have thought since it’s up to 7% now.

Still didn’t work after charging to 100%… now it’s back in the box waiting for the new one and the return shipping label.

I have the exact same issue. I emailed tech support and am awaiting their reply.

I see I never updated that I received a new one and there were no issues… I used it today even… when they work, it’s easy.