WYZE cordless stick vacuum will not charge. 2 yrs old

Stick vacuum will not charge. Daily use sbout 2 years old.


Could be your charging habits shortened the battery health. Never store charged lithium ion batteries at 100%. They prefer to be put away at around 50%. When charged to 100%, use it.

I have exactly the same problem. My 2 year old Wyze cordless vacuum suddenly will not charge. I typically used it until it ran out of battery time (around 40 minutes) and then put it back on the charging station for the next time.

So I should put it back on the station and then disconnect it when it reaches 50%? Whenever that is. Check on it after 2 hours? And then charge it up when I want to use it again?

If I put it away at 50% I could clean maybe one room in my house. Then back on the charging station for the next room until it gets down to 50%?

This seems extremely unrealistic to me.

I’ve more or less liked this vacuum, except the bottom hatch now falls open by itself so I have to tape it shut with duct tape when in use. Also, emptying it is a real chore.

I guess you get what you pay for.

Unless a Lithium Ion battery has really good battery management software, they all react the same with regards to charging habits for battery health. The battery health will go down quickly if stored at 100% or left at 0% for a long periods of time. As I said they prefer to be around 50% when stored for lengths of time. If you want to get the most life out of your battery don’t charge it more than around 80% and don’t let it go lower than 20%. But the biggest factor to battery health is time. All rechargeable batteries are is state of degradation and have a limited life span. But maybe it doesn’t even matter considering we don’t know how long the Wyze cordless vacuum will last. At some point you may end up having to buy a whole new vacuum and/or batteries.

We face a common issue. We purchased our vacuum approximately two years ago, and it suddenly stopped charging without any warning signs. Initially, I suspected a problem with the charging adapter and purchased a replacement, but unfortunately, the new adapter didn’t resolve the issue. Now, the vacuum is essentially useless, as I’m hesitant to invest in a new battery knowing it might face the same fate in another two years.

Having the same problem, also tried a replacement charger and no luck. No hints as to what the problem is. I had used it down to 15% battery and when I plugged it in I noticed no light came on. Ordered a replacement charger and no luck. Really bummed. I’ve also had it about 2 years. I have loved it, but won’t be buying another after this.