Question about the Wyze cordless vacuum

So I just got my Wyze cordless vacuum and it’s working really well. I just had a question about charging the battery. Are you able to keep the battery plugged into the charger after the battery is fully charged, or should it be immediately disconnected? I know some batteries can be damaged if overcharged, just wasn’t sure if that was the case here. Didn’t want to damage the battery or reduce it’s lifespan due to overcharging.


Once the battery is fully charged it stops charging or just trickle charges, you can tell this by feeling the charger it will be cold. But just so you know, it’s never a good idea to keep Lithium Ion batteries fully charged and then stored right after. This will reduce the health and lifespan. These batteries prefer to be at 50% for storage, if you charge to 100% then use them right away. Unless the product has a battery management system, which most don’t, it’s better to stay at 50%. Most companies, including Wzye, won’t tell you this. They’ll tell you 100% is fine and when your battery doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to, they will happily sell you a new battery pack.

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