Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Just received my cordless vacuum today. Had to wait a bit but that was understandable.

Directions say that it takes 4-6hrs to charge.

Anyone know if you can keep the vacuum on the charger at all times after it is fully charged.
Ie: when hanging on the wall mount.

Will it overcharge?

Nothing in the directions about this topic ……

Lithium Ion batteries don’t like to be at 100% state of charge all the time, they prefer 50% for storage. But all rechargeable batteries don’t really “overcharge”. If you don’t like keeping it at 50% then try 80% and don’t let it go below 20%, if not your battery life will be shortened and we don’t know how long Wyze will be selling replacement batteries. I’d buy a few more battery packs when they’re available and store them away at 50%. Don’t rotate them through using them in the vacuum because all that does is add charge cycles and the batteries have a limited charge cycle life.

But it seems in this stage of the technology for battery vacuum cleaners, they spend more time charging than vacuuming, making them not very cost effective or efficient.