Frequency of charging the cordless vacuum

I just bought the cordless vacuum. I would like to know if users unplug the vacuum once it is at 100% charged or if you have it always charging? What is best practice to ensure longer battery life.

First off never leave it plugged in all the time. I’d hope that it would stop charging once the battery is fully charged, but you never know with Wyze and I doubt they have good battery management. And even if it did stop charging, it would try to top the battery off when it dropped below 100%, Lithium Ion batteries don’t like to be at 100% state of charge all the time, unless you are going to use it right away. Generally the rule of thumb is to keep the battery no lower than 20% and no higher than 80% for longer battery health. And at around 50% for long term storage. This is the same thing you’d do with laptops or any device that uses Lithium Ion batteries, although some devices have a very sophisticated battery management software that allows you not to even worry about it.

Yes, it would be nice for Wyze to weigh in on this … If the battery pak had a “smart charing circuit” built in, it could actually be displaying a 100% charge level and then stopping, while smartly only utilizing 80% of the total available power within the battery pak.