Static in live feed

Have had Wyze since October. Yesterday, purchased my third camera and that’s not counting the two I purchased for my kids’ houses. After yesterday’s setup for the new camera, I noticed static in the live feed (and worse in Playback). I was hoping it was just a Comcast thing and would clear itself up. Checking the other two cameras revealed the same issue. This is something I never noticed before so I figured perhaps it was the new camera. So I deleted the camera from my account to see if the other two cameras still had static. They did. Not sure totally it’s the cameras themselves, but I am perplexed and hugely disappointed. Thanks for any feedback.

Sounds like it could be some interference from something in your house or around your house

Any changes in your WiFi setup or your provider? Any major electrical changes to house or nearby, like new power lines or transformers? (Ok - I know I’m reaching, but…)

I hate to ask, but you did try viewing on different devices?

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No changes. Thanks.

Static is usually a symptom of noise in the environment. Unfortunately the source could honestly be anything. One way to diagnose the source is to turn off 1 breaker at a time and see if the noise disappears. Once you identify which circuit the problem is on you can go device by device and see where the issue is.