LOUD Noise, Static from Camera

I was showing visitors my Wyze Cameras. They wanted to buy some cameras. I asked my Amazon Show to show the front (outdoor) camera and they were suitably impressed. I asked to show the living room camera and got the picture but also extremely loud noise and static. There was no one else in the house. This has not happened before. (I note there were issues with motion sensor cameras a year ago. This camera is always on.) I think they won’t buy Wyze cameras, maybe light bulbs and plugs.

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Really? I can’t imagine impressing anyone staring at “Waiting for Wyze” for 21 seconds (just tested again) before the video appears. This is at least partly Amazon’s fault of course.

I haven’t had that static issue.

My 2 WCOs have the static. The original one is gradually getting worse. I did not notice this when it was new. The replacement WCO is has a light static sound. On the old one, it is a definite pattern that constantly repeats.

Based on my experience, I do not recommend the Bulbs. They are more expensive than several excellent options on Amazon. Plus, the routines stop working randomly. And, they can be inconsistent after a power outage.

I have 4 Treatlife Bulbs, 4 Wyze Bulbs. The Treatlife have yet to not work as expected.

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I have not had issues with the bulbs or plugs (which were part of a package). But the static is a definite turnoff. And you are correct - it wasn’t there originally.