Start of Event Recording when using SD Card

When an event is stored on the SD card, it starts at the beginning of the minute the trigger occurs in. For example, if the trigger occurs at 09:13:33, the recording stored on the SD card starts at 09:13:00. If the trigger occurrs at 09:13:05, the recording starts at 09:13:00.

This makes it tedious when reviewing stored events to find the actual trigger. One has to review up to 59 seconds of video, not knowing where the triggering event is, to find it.

A better way to start the event recording is to do it relative to a user specified time prior to the trigger. For example, that user specified time could be 30 seconds. Done in this manner one can easily find the triggering event in the stored video because one knows it’s 30 seconds from the start of the stored video.

Professionally, I’ve done a lot of engineering related data logging and analysis, and this method, imo, would much improve the Wyze app. Please consider implementing it.

Mike P.

First of all, welcome to the forum.

The uSD card recording (regardless if it’s continuous or event based) is one minute files that run from the start of each minute. The camera records EVERY minute to RAM, and at the end of the minute it saves or deletes that minute of recording depending on Continuous or Events only, or no recording at all. If set to Continuous, every minute of video is saved to the uSD card. If set to Events only, that minute of video will be saved to the uSD card IF there is motion activity within that minute. If set to Events only and there is no events during that minute, that minute of video is not saved. And of course if the camera is set to not record at all, each minute of video is discarded at the end of the minute.

Changing the entire recording structure would be required to make the change you suggest. I would not expect to see that change.


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