Repeated event recordings to sd card

if I am recording events to the sd card is there a lag after one event before the next event starts?
if a person enters area a event starts recording as soon as the person exits the events stops . if the person immediately reenters the same area it is not recorded. I have cam plus lite and am recording locally. can the end recording be extended or the lag between events be reduced?

Assuming you are recording events only to your SD card, each recording will be exactly one minute long - from and to the beginning of a minute. It does not matter if the event is 1 second into that minute or 59 seconds into that minute, you get the minute. Any minute that has activity will be saved.
The way it works is that the Wyze cameras always record one minute files. All minute long files are recorded. If you are set for continuous recording, all those minute files are saved to the uSD card. If you are set for events only recording, then only minute files that have some qualified activity will be saved to the uSD card. Any minute that has qualified activity will be saved.
Just to make sure we’re on the same page, uSD card recordings are accessed via the cameras page with the View Playback button. Cloud based recordings are accessed via the “Events” tab on the main Wyze app page.


correct accessing recordings from the app view playback function.
once the 1 minute period ends and new activity is recorded will it start recording again or is there now a waiting period before a new event can be captured?

Any minute that has qualified activity will be saved to the uSD card. So if motion starts at 3:25:55 and lasts until 3:27:15, you will have the minute files for 3:25, 3:26. and 3:27. When viewed in the app, it is essentially seamless when viewing the three files, but if you pull the uSD card out of the camera and look at it on your computer, it will be three separate files.

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ok so if I have activity at 3:25 to 3:26 and also at 3:28 to 3:29 I should have four files
But 3:28 to 3:29 is not recorded. or at least not shown in the ap
is this a bug?

Should be. I ALWAYS use continuous recording, so not an expert on event only recording.