User configurable or shorter pre-detection buffer for event SD recordings

SD card pre-action recording too long at 30 seconds of nothing

How can we adjust pre-action/detection recording to only 5 seconds (from 30 seconds)?
My Wyze camera starts recording to SD card 30 seconds prior to action detected for each clip. 30 seconds is way too long of recording nothing.
Thank you!

That’s not correct. This is all based on having uSD card recording set to Events. For uSD card recordings, they are ALWAYS one minute long starting at the top of each minute. If there is a qualified event anywhere within that minute, the minute of recording is saved to the uSD card. So for example, if the qualifying event is 4 seconds into the minute, the uSD card recording will start 4 seconds before the event. If the event is 57 seconds into the minute, the uSD card recording will start 57 seconds before the event.


tnreba - Are you referring to the 30-second Backward button when you are on the Playback screen? Are you wishing it was only like 5 seconds?

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Hello K6CCC, thank you for your feedback. Your discussion is a separate relatable matter, from my question and doesn’t provide a solution to my issue.
My original post is correct, and I have proof.

Thank you PCHearn for your questions.
No, I’ve never used the 30-second Backward button in the Playback screen, because it’s not useful in my opinion. Yes, 30 seconds is far too long for security video footage.
Events occur much quicker.
I don’t have any of the Wyze paid-for services. I merely use the uSD card for all my recordings. It’s a real pain when I want to watch or save down the recordings, waiting usually 30 seconds for the Event, after watching 30 seconds of nothing. Or attempting to scroll to the specific seconds of Event is difficult to do. Also all the storage space wasted of recording nothing.

Than you need to explain what you are talking about better. uSD card recordings are ALWAYS one minute long (whether set for events only or continuous). And that minute starts at hh:mm:00.

K6CCC thank you. Both of your comments do not provide any solution to the issue presented. Please delete your comments on this post, as they are not helpful; and disrespectful language.

No, you are incorrect. uSD card recordings ALWAYS start at hh:mm:00, and last one minute or multiples thereof. There is nothing to change - that’s the way it works. And each minute is a separate file on the uSD card. That is not obvious unless you pull the card and plug it into a computer, because the camera plays the files sequentially when viewing on the app.
And I am not being disrespectful - merely stating facts.


There is no way to adjust the time you are talking about on the micro SD card. The way this works is the camera is continuously recording a series of 1-minute videos. If you have it set on continuous recording it keeps all of these recording until it fills the card and starts to overwrite them. If you have it set to record ‘Events Only’ if there is no motion in the 1-minute video it deletes it. f there is motion found it keeps the video, that motion could be found at any point of the minute, so you could have 2-seconds in and and it finds motion or 50-seconds in before it sees the motion. There is no way to adjust it.


@tnreba Here’s a little experiment you can do to demonstrate what @k6CCC and @WyzeJasonJ are describing:

Take your camera and point it at a scene with absolutely no motion. In the app, go to the camera’s settings (gear icon), then Advanced Settings and turn on Show Timestamp if it is not already on.

Now watch the live view of the camera. When the time gets to hh:mm:05, step into the frame of the camera’s view to trigger a motion event. Wait a few minutes and then go review the mSD card footage. You should see the motion in the first five seconds of the recording.

You can repeat this experiment but step into frame at hh:mm:55. You would then not see the motion until almost a minute of no motion has passed.