Wyze Cam v2 not recording on SD previous event

Its something that it seemed to me, but wasn’t sure until now, but sometimes my camera register an event, it does record on the SD but it doesnt record like a 1 minute before. Its also an issue cause it should had registered the first event at first.

In this case I received a package, went into my house and went out in a minute or less. today I wanted to see the video when I received the package, but instead I only have the video when I get out of my house. I thought actually i should had the part when i received the package as an event and me leaving just as part of the continuos recording on SD. (because of the 5 minutes between events). This is why now i’m sure there is an issue because I’m 10000% sure I received that package 1 minute before the event recorded but theres absolutely nothing of it on the SD.

If you are looking at uSD card recordings, that is not the same as Events. When there is an applicable event and the uSD card is set to record events, it record the entire minute where that event occurred. That might be 1 second before the event, and it might be 59 seconds before the event. Usually somewhere in between. uSD card recordings are NOT accessed via the Events tab in the app. They are accessed via the View Playback on the camera main page.