Shorten lead in for detection events

When viewing playback there is at least 10 secs or so of lead in before the motion is shown. This is a waste of time for me. Is there a way to shorten the amount of lead in shown? Thanks.

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Need to clarify before I jump in with a long post that won’t apply…

Are you referring to Playback Video recorded to the SD Card as a result of having Events Only selected in the SD Recording section of Advanced Settings?

Or are you referring to Event Videos played in the Events tab that were uploaded to the Wyze Servers from your Motion Activation settings?


Assuming the latter, isn’t it more like 1 second, and something most users appreciate?

Recording to card, no cloud storage/streaming. Thank you.

No. 10secs or more. Thx.

For SD Recordings, there is no specified lead time of video saved prior to motion.

Whenever you have SD Card Recording enabled, the cam is recording footage constantly, non-stop, in one minute long video files.

If you have Continuous selected, it saves every one minute video MP4 file.

If you have Motion Only selected, it will only save the one minute video MP4 files that contain motion.

Every Video MP4 file will start at second 00 and go to second 60, even the files that only contain motion. It doesn’t matter if the motion started at the 05 second mark, the 35 second mark, or the 55 second mark. Every video MP4 file is 1 minute long.

When the player plays the SD video MP4 files, it plays them from the beginning of the minute to the end of the minute. If the motion continues into the next 1 minute video MP4 file, it will continue playing until the end of that 1 minute file wherein the motion stops.

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Cool, and that’s exactly why you asked the question you did.

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OK so you explained the problem in perfect detail. The user must sit through up to 50secs of video before the video of interest appears. Seems to me they would do well to implement markers at motion events. Trying to scroll on a smart phone is difficult even in landscape orientation.

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I agree… And so did Wyze. They introduced Smart AI markers in the SD Timeline with the release of the V3Pro.

Agreed. But one easier way to get to the exact motion time on the SD Card recorded timeline is to use the events that are in the Events Tab list to “jump” to the SD timeline when that motion event occured.

When viewing that event in the Events Tab, pressing the “Playback” SD Card Icon button at the bottom will launch the SD Card Playback Player and que the video to the exact moment the motion occurred.


OK that events screen works much better. It is a little confusing to get to but that is what I was looking for. Thanks.

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Glad you found it.

When your notifications come in on the phone of “Motion” or “Person, Pet, Vehicle, Package” if you have CamPlus, clicking that notification will launch you directly into the Event Tab and show you the event that happened (if the event is finished recording). If it is still ongoing, it launches you to the live screen.