Stand alone Wyze Sense Bridge

Thanks for the update, looking forward to it.


A common issue I have is that many Wyze contact and motion sensors are slightly away from the Wyze cam that’s connected to the bridge. It’ll be good for Wyze to make a hub that can directly talk to WiFi instead of using the camera.

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Good to know that Wyze is thinking about this. Also, it might be helpful to make this available as a sole product offering as well , maybe in addition to bundling this with Wyze sensor kits. Many of us who have already bought sense kits wouldn’t find it necessary to purchase another kit only for the hub.


I’d like to buy a bridge by itself so I can just get motion sensors. I have no need for the door sensors so I don’t want to buy the bundle multiple times to get the bridge and motion sensors.

I have a bunch of cameras. I use them at my home and my business for security, but also for monitoring various projects or machinery. Both home and business have several wireless access points primarily for camera coverage. However, because the sensors use their own signals their usefulness is very limited.

My only option is to not use sensors or buy a bunch of starter kits. I don’t want or need contact switches. So a stand alone bridge would be great, but just being able to buy the current camera bridge without the contact switches would be a huge step forward.


A standalone bridge will be an excellent product addition!
That would enable us to still use sensors while cameras are switched off.
@WyzeGwendolyn announced a few days ago that we can expect integration with SmartThings which is great news. Will the bridge also be integrated with ST?

I use 6 ft USB cable to extend the bridge from the camera to improve reception for other sensors. But still need stand alone bridge due to length of house, with no need for purchase of needles cam.

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Too early for me to have details like that yet. :slight_smile:

@WyzeMike it works be nice if a stand alone sense bridge could be powered by the Outdoor cam base station. Don’t want to have hubs/bridges all over ha. Sense bridge, lock hub, and coming soon cam base station.

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I’ve been running as a standalone bridge on a Raspberry PI for the sensors. I’m not a fan of homeassistant that uses this module, so I modified the python script to generate messages to my standalone home monitoring system. The implements pairing, unparing and monitoring capabilities and was easy to modify. My wyze cam is mounted outside, so the camera/hub combination was impractical. The Pi implementation is cheap, reliable and, I think, what you guys are looking for in a hub.


Check out my post using a Raspberry Pi and implementation. It might be what you are looking for, and it works! I’ve been using it on my homebrew system for about 4 months.

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Any further details/guidance on how this can be implemented would be much appreciated

Can you give out any kind of update now 4 months later?

This is the program I used:



A python script communicating with WyzeSense gateway - HclX/WyzeSensePy

It was originally implemented as a gateway to be used with Homeassistant, which is a standalone hub system that integrates many vendors into a single system. I tried HA and found it to be overly complex for what it needed to do, so I used the straight up as a hub on the Raspberry Pi.

I don’t know if you are at all technical, but the combination of this python module and the Pi makes a great hub.


I’ve been using a python script (WyzesensePy) on a Raspberry Pi for the past 4 months as a standalone hub. It’s cheap and it doesn’t require a camera. (My camera is mounted outside which make it useless as a sensor hub.) My homebrew sensor network uses a REST interface, so with a simple mod to the python script I hit my main monitoring system. I love the price of these sensors and the range is quite nice. Currently I have 2 motion sensors and 4 contact sensors.

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I am still hoping for this stand alone Wyze Sense Bridge. I hope the bridge will allow quicker, consistent alerts with solid rule reliance. Multiple times my sensors have went offline for a few hours. It seems to have happened more often in the last couple of months.

Wyze posted about the rules stopped working recently. (

I keep thinking these would be minimized if they were not heavy cloud reliance. (Wyze cam, Wyze sensor always go to Offline mode)

I’m also hoping that general availability for this will be soon enough. I have a sense attached to a garage door, and since I live in a townhouse, the camera hub doesn’t reliably know when it is open or closed. I’m hoping the standalone sense bridge will solve this. Alternatively, it’ll be great to see if the bridge/ hub for the outdoor camera can handle this as well.

I use 6ft. usb cables to better locate bridge for my window and door sensors. This way they are somewhat out in the open as my cameras are not. Have not had a problem using the cables.

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[Edit: Nope, I was wrong. Read ahead anyway if you like. :slight_smile: ]

Guys wait, wait. Are we all living a lie, merely ASSUMING the existing bridge needs to be attached directly to the Wyzecam or via a USB extension to it? I ask because in this year old video a Home Assistant user is just casually accessing the bridge using any old USB power. He even mentions how the bridge has an antenna of its own. Everything seems to work with nary a camera in sight.

Excuse my ignorance - I haven’t even set up a single Wyze bridge or sensor yet - but is the bridge getting nothing from the Wyzecam except power?

Well I used to have two bridges and there was no way to enter WiFi info, like your credentials. So I always assumed it used the cameras connection. I don’t recall the bridge showing up as a WiFi device but to be honest I was not really paying attention.