Squirrel broke V3 camera

A squirrel used our V3 as a ladder and broke it - but it was ok after a power-cycle.

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Bad squirrel! spank2

Looks like the IR cut filter is stuck. In Advanced Settings, try switching Night Vision Mode from On to Off and back and forth a bunch of times to unstick the filter. If that doesn’t work, try tapping the cam lightly in the opposite direction from what you see in the end position on your video.


I put a WCO on my fence runners once and it lasted 5 min. before an evil squirrel knocked it off.

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No squirrel problems here. The feral cats eat them all. :grin:

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Crosman .22 air pistol.

A camera power-cycle fixed the problem, so its back in color now (colors other than pink).

But it was under the table showing a view of the deck in pink for hours during the day, before we noticed that the camera was missing from its perch.

I’ll remember the IR filter if this ever happens again if a reboot does not fix it.


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A flying squirrel with a bad landing. :laughing:

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Here is an overhead view of the same thing, showing it climbing on the camera, and slipping when the camera gives way.

The squirrel has not been back since.

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Fixed it so it will play on this forum.

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