Bad sensor on wysecam 2?

Last night I stopped getting any recording. Last one about 8:30 pm. I tried to connect this morning but no success.

After power cycling the camera I was finally able to connect but the colors come out very bad now.



Any ideas had the camera for about 2 months here working fine. Also have one pointing inside which is fine.

Looks like the IR filter is stuck. You can try cycling night vision. You can also try manually moving the filter by holding a magnet against various sides of the camera. But you will probably need to file a support ticket on this.

Thanks for the information. I will try your suggestions first.

Turned off the night vision since I set them up 2 months ago. Been working perfect until last night.

Just tried it again and it seems they starting working ok again.

I feel better too. Good thing about $25 cameras is it’s not as big deal to replace. Really looking forward to their outdoor cameras even though I am are they will cost more.