Sprinkler - Enabling and Disabling Zones

Can someone tell me what the “Enable” switch in the app does on the zone setting page? I have a zone that I rarely need watered so I flipped the “Enable” switch for that zone off. The zone grayed out on the page with all the zones so I assumed it wouldn’t run. Turns out it has been running for months. How does the “Enable” switch turned off not turn off that zone??? A better description then “Enable” would help, along with an actual app manual.
I went in to the schedule today and edited it so that zone isn’t in the schedule. I hope that does the trick but the app needs to be fixed or at least clear.

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That’s to disable it on the quick run screen.

If you have a schedule, you have to also flip the “Enable” to off in the schedule or it will still run on the schedule.

I had 2 zones with a broken sprinkler and had to disable them until I could fix them and I learned you have to disable them in each schedule separately not just in the main “Quick run” screen.

(At least that’s how it seems to work on mine. I just bought one a couple of weeks ago and noticed I had to disable it multiple places).

I agree that if we disable it on the main Quick run page it should be disabled everywhere.

Thanks. I will give that a try when I get it working. Now the schedule runs but no water actually sprays. So far I want to like it but can’t.