Sprinkler Controller User Interface - Where does it show which zone is actively watering?

Sprinkler Controller User Interface question: Where does it show which zone is actively watering in the app? I can’t seem to see any indication that a zone is active. It would be nice if this kind of status was shown on the app for quick confirmation a zone is on/off.

Or does this exist somewhere? And if so, where do i find it?

Good question, I noticed this last week and didn’t see a way to tell which zone was currently on, so I walked outside to look. I will have to try to check again next time I have my sprinklers running (if I am awake) because I didn’t try really hard to figure it out, so I might have missed something. If there isn’t a way to tell, I agree with you that there should be. If I notice/figure it out, I will try to check back here, but hopefully if someone else knows they will point it out to us. I’m thinking it might only tell us if we open the individual zones. I will have to try that. Either way, it should be more obvious which one is on.

Thanks for the response. From what I can tell, now that I’ve completed installation and tested each zone, the app background turns blue when a zone is active. I think there might be a progress bar that appears at the bottom of each zone icon to give you an idea of how much time is left on that zone.

My opinion is that the interface should make it abundantly clear when a zone is active, and which zone is active. This is especially true when there are multiple users on this forum claiming the system sometimes leaves a zone on when it’s not supposed to. Of course, this could be a valve/hardware compatibility issue, but it also could be a user issue because the interface is not awesome.

When I click on a zone (and drill down one level deep from the top interface), it has this tiny raindrop button, which is used to turn the zones on and off manually. I think this icon should be replaced with a larger icon that says “START” or “STOP”, based on the state of the zone. And there should be clarifying text that says “Zone is active” or “Zone is inactive”.

But it would make more sense for the user to have an summary of which zones are active from sprinkler device’s main (top) page.

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