Sprinkler controller - change light behavior

Today, after the sprinkler controller unit is installed, all zones pulse when the sprinkler cycle is not in use. This means 24/7, the unit constantly fluctuates between ~20-100% brightness (white) - but there is no benefit to this. Instead, it causes confusion (I.e. is this thing broken? Do I need to do something?) and adds visual noise to the environment (yet another thing blinking around a garage).

Fix; update so zone lights remain consistent brightness when not in use. Bonus- this consistent brightness is different depending if zone is in use - ie 3 zones I use are 75% bright, rest are 25% bright

How do you update the controller to stop the pulsing?


The pulsing zone lights to indicate idle status is a waste of electricity. A simple "idle’ status icon/light in the device section of the app would be a better solution than to have the lights on the controller pulse on and off forwver.