Sprinkler controller lights pulsing. Expected behavior?

I installed the sprinkler controller last week. Other than the “smart” schedule setting some crazy 2 hour watering time(my old controller was doing like 5 minutes per station) everything seemed to work. Today while in the garage I noticed that the 1-8 station lights all pulse on and off even though I have only 4 stations hooked up. Is this the expected behavior? To me, when I see pulsing lights like that I think the device is waiting for set up. Also, I would have expected only the connected stations to be on instead of all the lights being on. If it’s going to pulse or be on whether the station is connected or not why bother having individual lights?

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Mine is doing the same thing but have not noticed anything wrong with it so very well might be normal behavior.

Ditto, my setup also has 4 active stations, but all 8 lights pulsate. I’ve had no issue yet, so I think it’s normal.

Mine does the same. Must be something maybe to keep the lights from burning out? Who knows. Mine works fine. Also I saw that crazy 3 hr watering schedule on mine.

Mine is doing the same, but the wyze website indicates this should only happen when pairing or updating firmware (https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/4410432892827-Understanding-your-Wyze-Switch-Status-Light).

Seems to be normal, indicating services idle.