Sprinkler Controller - Add ability to make seasonal adjustments by percent

I would love to have the updates for water percentage adjust. E.g. I want to do 100% at certain time of the year and then 75% at another time, and so on. It would be great to schedule based on per months, but I’ll settle for just a generic percentage. Example, my current Rainbird has it so if I run a zone for 20 minutes at 100% water then setting water adjust to 75% will automatically scaling that zone to 15 minutes instead. I know I could build multiple schedules and enable them when the time comes, but that’s a hassle.

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Is there a way to adjust water percentage? Eg. If I scheduled for 12 minutes of watering that it will scale down to 9 minutes when I set water percentage to 75%. I know I can set multiple schedules but it’s a hassle.


I also miss a percentage option. At this time of year I would be at 75%, ramp up to 100% when summer comes, and occasionally use 120% during really hot weeks.


Agree with the request this would make it so much easier.
My 25 year old “mechanical” Rainbird had this and it was for sure the most used feature during the year.
Was there any feedback from Wyze Development ?


No response. This would be a very easy software update since it’s all just a simple math formula.

Love the adjust % feature. Used all time on my manual vs having to change all the schedules. Also need ability for other programs e.g water front yard. So if want to water certain groups of zones but not on a schedule. On the manual unit can I cylce all zones e.g. start all and the. Move through them manually every few minutes. This is how I blow out each zone before the winter season?


Would like to see a “Water Budget” or “Seasonal Percentage” setting. I vary my watering time based on temperatures of forthcoming days (ie: 75% for 75d days, 105% for 105d days). I’m not planning to use the Plus feature as my entire irrigation system is large and complicated, and a little beyond an completely automated process. I wanted the Wyze for WiFi access and simplicity in operation, and not necessarily for the on-line programming. Adding the percentage variable would help a great deal for those who want to control their system more directly. This should be a simple software update in the schedule or zone programming.


I am thinking of how, for example, Orbit does this. A “water budget” can be set from 25% to 200%.
This will allow a temporary or seasonal adjustment to ALL schedules in order to modify the watering length if for whatever reason the system is over or under watering.

I have seen the override for the soil moisture content but this is a station by station adjustment and, frankly, I can’t see that it does anything. The global budget would modify all watering lengths otherwise set or calculated.


I’ve created a custom schedule. I’d like to be able to scale all of the programmed zone times by a seasonal % from 10% to 150%. This was I can quickly adjust all the times depending on season and need for more or less watering.


+1 on that. Essential need.

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Why is this not available!!!

I know! Seems as if it would be a simple programming problem. Been requested many times.

A way to reduce the water usage?

I live in a drought area and I would like the ability to reduce the water usage on the smart schedule by a percentage. Like only water a zone to 75% of what it normally would do.

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Adjust sprinkler watering schedule time by percentage

My old Orbit sprinkler controller had a great feature that allows me to adjust watering time across all zones by percent. This is super helpful in the extreme hot months so I can easily increase watering time across all zones at once… or right now in the fall when temps are really low… I can quickly adjust all zones by percentage to reduce the watering time. Basically, you set your watering schedule start / duration time per zone but then you can adjust as needed between 0% and 200% if you need more or less watering time due to hotter / colder temperature swings. Please add this feature! It would be oh so nice.

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