Enhancements to quick run - Manually Start Any Schedule

Currently, “quick run” allows you to add zones to be run with a default of 10 minutes each. It would be oh so nice to have “quick run” be able to start any fixed schedule (enabled or not), that is programmed. Usually, I run the sprinklers 3 times a week, but occasionally, during hot dry weather, I’d like to be able to manually start an extra run. I should be able to do that without having to program each zone’s time.

FWIW, I don’t trust the automatic weather tracking features. I live in an area that will get very spotty rain. For example, we’ll get a 10 minutes rain storm that drops less than 0.1" of rain, or we’ll have rain of 0.3" 2 miles away and nothing at our home. It’s just they way rain is on the front range in Colorado.

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How is this not a feature already? Seems like common sense.


My previous controller has a manual start option that can be used for each of 3 programmed schedules. I was shocked to learn the WYZE does not include this feature. This option is most essential for systems on a lake water pump that has to be wireless remote started/stopped (too risky to leave powered 24/7); i.e. clock starting the controller schedule is useless if pump is not already powered up (not to mention that this is a set up that should not be operated while away from home).

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We need the ability to run a manual watering cycle - i.e. App Quick Run - that can utilize the cycle & soak feature. Alternatively, the ability to use App Quick Run to manually start a specific schedule that already has preset zones/durations/settings like cycle & soak.

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Need be able to start default schedules manually.
My sprinkler plus system does not work it skips everyday.
All controller boxes have a manual setting that you can run a scheduled watering.

Please address this issue


Yes please

I agree. There should be a"quick run" option to manually start a sprinkler cycle at any time.

It’s amazing that it’s been two years and they don’t have this feature. I got it for next to nothing at Home Depot. I know why now. Looks like this is a dead product.

Just installed the Wyze Sprinkler and can’t believe that there is NO METHOD to manually run a schedule. This should be a basic feature of all controllers. I then tried to use IFTTT and noticed that no integration was done with the Sprinkler device. Please help fix this product or it will be dead as another user suggested.