Sprinkler quick run for testing/adjustment

I’d like to see a quick run option in the app. When adjusting sprinklers or making repairs it needs to have the ability to turn on one circuit for a few minutes without creating a new schedule .

Welcome to the Wyze community @jfancher53!
The Wyze sprinkler controller does have a quick run feature.

To start a Quick Run:

  1. In the Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Sprinkler.
  2. Tap on the water icon.
  3. Select the zone(s) you want to water and how long you want to water them for.
  4. Tap Save .

If you have a different idea for a testing mode for the sprinkler controller, you should add it to the #wishlist if t hasn’t already been added.

A little quirky at first. All had a 10 minute default time. I figured that out, now smooth sailing. Thanks.

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